Easter Monday, 4 April 2010.

Just 37 days left until we become the owners of a beach house in the village of St Martin de Bréhal in Basse Normandie. This blog is about the journey we are making turning this 60’s family holiday home into a smart (hopefully), comfortable holiday rental for families like ours, with small children and dogs!

St Martin is just a few kilometres north of the town of Granville which was the birth place of Dior.

It is a great village with the same families returning year after year, so most of the families know each other, and the kids spend their summers together, turn into terrible teenagers together, but still hang out on the amazing 12km sand beach.

There are so many activites to do, that when I started thinking about this investment I was adamant that it had to be in St Martin. The house, on rue des Mielles, is pretty much the last house in the village. From what is currently the kitchen window, you can see the marshes, where the dogs will be able to run around.

At the other end of the street is beach, sailing club and golf course. At my end of the street is the amazing horse spa, owned by Monsieur Gamichon where the French equestrian teams train before the olympics and international championships etc. Coming from a horsey family this is certainly one of the attactions of the house. Every day I will see and hear horses.

Currently I am looking into furniture. We want to be able to stay in the house pretty much as soon as we get the keys, so I have ordered beds from England, direct from the manufacturer, Classic Beds, and they are being shipped over. Surprisingly this option is cheaper than buying beds here, despite the cost of shipping, and although I am buying unseen, they are hotel suppliers, and have an excellent reputation. The next thing on my list is bedding, slightly less pressing, in that we can use sleeping bags or take linen from home temporarily, but as the beds are English we will need to get it from the UK too, because of the sizes. And the bedding will need to come over with the beds, as I cannot even imaging how much room 16 duvets will require, 30 odd towels, endless pillowcases etc.


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