Bank Holidays the French Way

Thursday 13th May

Now this being France this is a bank holiday weekend, and because the bank holiday falls on a Thursday we get the Friday off as well.  It is a marvellous system.  If the bank holiday falls on a Tuesday we get the Monday off and if its on a Wednesday you might get the first half or the second half of the week off, but not both.

Tonight is our house warming so we have things to do, and Tonton Greg and Sophie are off to our local parachuting site some 3 kms away.  They jump over the beach and have views of Mont St Michel, which is a UNESCO designated site, on their way down.  So in the afternoon we go off to watch them jump, and while I’m there I get to discuss the possibility of links to my website with the parachuting school and the guys who do jumping in pairs.  They are also willing to have a discount for people who stay in my gites who want to jump in groups, particularly if it is not in high season.  A very pleasing start to setting up links for my site.

In the afternoon our friends arrive, until we are 11 for our housewarming.  We get to try out the new oven – very satisfactory, and the beds – which absolutely everyone finds comfortable.  Everyone compliments the beds, duvets and pillows so I seem to have got that bit right.  However, they have managed to make me see that some of the changes I want to put in place are not necessary.  So no extra door in the kitchen, instead a new outside door into the garage.  At the moment the only door into the property is the garage door, which is pretty heavy to lift for an adult and practically impossible for the children.  That said my 4 year old can open it enough to wiggle through, but that isn’t really what I’m aiming for.


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