Wednesday 12th May 2010

Martial, our gardener/handyman arrives to find the children and I ripping of some of the interesting Bordeaux carpet off the upstairs corridor walls.  After we have made a tour of the house he gives me his opinions on all the things I should and shouldn’t do, over a coffee.  Mostly our opinions are the same and I have the convenient ability to forget anything that isn’t.  The plan is to remove the earth-filled cider press from the middle of the lawn where it is currently spoiling what could be a perfectly good football pitch.  Hopefully I can sell the cider press for a decent amount to help pay for the new kitchen.

2pm            The beds arrive.  1 double, 1 king size and 8 zip-lock singles that turn into super-king size beds.  Plus an extra 4 zip-lock singles for Gîtes Lily and Poppy.  I have bought the beds unseen from a company called Classic Beds in Westbury, and they are hotel quality and are great.  I am so pleased with them.  They are really high, and have underbed draws, which is pretty convenient since in the two downstairs bedrooms that the children and I are using have no furniture or cupboards at all.

While the delivery company puts the beds into the bedrooms, Martial unpacks them and puts them together.  Then the delivery company starts to unload the boxes and boxes of bedding, sheets, towels, cleaning products, soap, shower gel etc I have ordered from the fantastic people at Out of Eden and King of Cotton.  In total there must be over 30 boxes.

4pm            I go off to buy the new cooker.  I can’t see how we can reasonably have people to stay if I can’t cook.  Philip from Le Retro, our favourite restaurant in the village recommends someone in Bréhal who will also come out and fix it if breaks down.  In a rental property this seems like a good plan.

However while I am out buying the gas cooker, the bloody gas company comes and cuts the gas off.  It takes me three hours on the phone, practically in tears to get the gas put back on.  Meanwhile Tonton Greg, the children’s uncle arrives, with a Canadian friend from Quebec.  Now Sophie is a bit of a superstar and takes things in her stride and sees that chaos reigns and just mucks in and helps.  I have to stay at the house for the emergency gas man, who is going to arrive in the next 4 hours to turn the gas on.

So while Sophie, Tonton and the girls go off to buy Pizza from Gregs Pizza restaurant in the village, I get the chance to make up everyones beds.  Pretty princess duvet covers for the girls, then different colours for each room, with matching towels.  Seriously challenging to work out what is in each box.  At 8.10pm Mr Miracle Gasman arrives and turns the gas on.  A huge relief, I can now cook, have hot water and heat if necessary.


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