Omaha Beach and La Cambe Cemetery

Last week, I met my Irish contact, Declan, from Dublin Business School who came to talk to my students (and my boss), about doing a year at DBS during their studies.  He arrived at 11.20am and left at 7pm so time was short, but we managed to squeeze in a bit of Norman hospitality.

Declan wanted to see a D-Day beach and the Bayeux tapestry, both of which we managed, arriving back at school minutes before his presentation.  Naturally we started our afternoon with a delicious lunch at Bistro Paul et Roget in Saint-Lô.  I eat there with colleagues regularly and have never yet been disappointed.

Then we went onto Omaha beach where I had seen photos of a stunning sculpture on the beach.  We stopped briefly on the way at the very large German Cemetry at La Cambe.  I rather like the German cemeteries, there is very little pomp and the are very peaceful places, and the graves read like a book.  You can see from the dates roughly where they must have died.

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Then to Omaha beach.  I had been to the American cemetery before, but not down to the beach which I thought was even more interesting.  The beach is massively long and not terribly wide, and the cliffs behind must have made the Germans job relatively easy.  You can really see the images from Saving Private Ryan.


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