A Sunny End to March and the Beginning of the Season!

We were really lucky to have some beautiful weather at the end of March, which for the moment is still continuing, and as our first guests of the season have arrived it is a good start to the season.

At the beach house, slightly strangely, we still have a week left at the beach house for 14 – 21st April, and the odd weekend left in May.  June is full though, and we just have 3 weeks left in July at which point we will be full through to September.  So for our second with the beach house things are really going pretty well.

We still have lots of availability in the gîtes in Moyon, but as they book up later, for the moment things seem to be going well, and we are pretty much on target for the year.

So, the last weekend in March was beautiful weather, but rather sad, as Mark and Deborah who have been with us for 5 months finally packed up there stuff to head south to the Midi-Pyrenees. In that time they have saved our home from burning down, and transformed it in so many ways.  A bathroom for the children (I now have my own bathroom – no more towels and clothes on the floor), sitting room, play room and laundry room, all completely transformed.

Mark has left his traces where ever I look – he is an awesome decorator – and has worked his magic everywhere – and in all the rentals as well as the house.  If anyone, anywhere needs their house transformed I’ll happily supply his details.

Marks final gesture was to teach the girls how to fly (or rather crash) a kite.  Here are some photos, fortunately without the noise of the kite smashing in to the ground time and again.




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