May in St Martin de Bréhal

I think May is one of my most favourite months here, and we have been lucky enough to have a few gaps in bookings so we have had a couple of weekends here.  This weekend we also had sun, which has been sadly lacking for rather too long.

Once again the lilacs are flowering.  Nearly every garden in St Martin has lilacs, which smell and look great.


Last weekend the weather was rather wet, but going for walks during breaks in the weather, we managed to get some great photos.  Here you can see the islands of Chaussey caught in rays of sunlight.



This weekend the sand yachts were also out in force, here you can see them being taken back in.


This morning I stopped for breakfast in the village café, and on the way home up the beach I tried to get some decent photos of Dougal our black and tan cocker spaniel.  Black dogs are incredibly difficult to photo, but I managed to get a couple of almost decent ones (I took a lot), but sadly only had my iPhone with me, so the quality is not what it might be.




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